Kalita Wave Style Dripper Set

This beautiful set from Kalita allows you to prepare and serve coffee in the same container. The Kalita Wave Style Set combines the larger size of the glass Wave dripper and the glass server to make the coffee making process simple and elegant at the same time. Thanks to the clear glass, you have the opportunity to observe the entire extraction process.

Set includes one pack of Wave 185 paper filters.

Perfect coffee with Kalita

Rinse the filter with hot water, pouring directly down the middle until the water almost reaches the top of the filter, then drain. Then we recommend pouring in just enough water to moisten the coffee grounds and letting it rest for 30-45 seconds (or until the coffee flower falls off). At this point, start pouring slowly in concentric circles until the volume of water is almost to the top (pour not too close to the filter). Once the dripper is full, let it drain for 10-20 seconds. At this point, continue the filling and draining process until you reach the desired volume of water.