Passion Fruit Iced Tea

599 Kč

A bright and peppy brew perfect for those sultry summer days.

Our Passion Fruit Fresh Brew is designed to be at its best chilled or over ice.

We've blended full leaf Chinese black tea picked by hand with the sweet flavors of passion fruit to create a fresh, tropical brew that indulges the mind and the tongue at once.

Enjoy plain and chilled, or add a dash of your favorite sweetener for refreshment with a desserty twist.

Ingredients: Black tea, passion fruit flavor. Contains natural flavors.

Bag of 15 pouches


Boil 2 cups of water and pour over a tea bag in a large pitcher

Steep for 15 minutes and then fill with 6 cups of cold water

Remove tea bag and gently squeeze it

Garnish with lemon, orange slice or fresh mint

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