Mexico Patlanalan

The Patlanalan community project

The Patlanalan community project began in 2021 with a group of smallholder farmers in the Puebla region. In this area, farmers have traditionally traded coffee and fruits for quick cash, leading to low income due to limited market access. Patlanalan benefits from a unique microclimate that allows coffee to flourish at high elevations, characterized by drier and colder weather compared to Veracruz.

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Výrazná krémová a chutově plná káva s tóny mléčné čokolády a karamelu a sladkou oříškovou dochutí.

Guided by Guadalupe Reyes, a farmer and community leader, the project strives to address market access issues and enhance farmers' income. They regularly transport 12-15 tons of cherries from the region every two days, supporting the local farmers and bolstering coffee production.

The primary objective of this initiative is to collaborate with smallholder farmers who lack market access, ultimately improving their income and overall livelihoods. By managing various aspects of coffee production and trade, the project aims to establish a more sustainable and profitable model for all participants involved.