Café Elegance Set

Coffee filter preparation set consisting of a 2-cup dripper from the Oct collection by Kinto, a 300 ml mug, Kenya Gakundu AA coffee and a "This bag contains caffeine" gift bag.

Celebrate the holidays with our exclusive filter coffee maker set that delivers the perfect experience for gourmet coffee lovers. This set is put together with care and contains everything you need to make coffee.

The key element of this set is the 2-cup dripper from the elegant Oct collection from the renowned brand Kinto. The design of this collection, inspired by the octagon, adorns clean lines and beautiful contours, while ensuring maximum comfort when preparing and drinking coffee.

Treat yourself to a cup of Kenya Gakundu AA coffee included in this set. This selection of coffee enriches your taste buds with black currant, cherry and subtle lemon notes, bringing an unforgettable experience.

For the complete experience, we supply a gift bag with the inscription "This Bag Contains Caffeine", which is ideal for carrying your favorite coffee treats. Liven up your morning with this unique set that combines taste, style and the joy of all things good.