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White Christmas Tea with Cardamom and Almonds

Enjoy this little Christmas miracle in the glow of Christmas lights with snow falling outside the window. A sip of this warm and nutty blend will create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Hand-picked white tea flavoured with almonds, vanilla and cardamom is complemented with chamomile.

Ingredients: White tea, cardamom, chamomile, almond flavour, vanilla flavour, cardamom flavour.

The tin weighs 40 g and contains 20 silk sachets

Details: White tea flavoured
Dry Leaves: Mutan White tea with silver green tips and green leaves with chamomile flowers
Liquor: Dark yellow-green
Aroma: Nutty aroma of almonds, cardamom and sweet vanilla
Flavors: The aroma of nuts and creamy spices combines with the basic tea Mutan White
Caffeine Level: S kofeinem
Body Medium
Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes
Brewing Temp: 80°C