All We Need is Love


The events of the last few days have affected us all deeply; there is no place for war in today's world. We are an international company with employees from all over the world - including Ukraine and Russia. And we are all opposed to this war.

We will not remain silent while a war of tyranny and its resulting humanitarian crisis rages in Europe therefor we are working on multiple ways to support the people in need and this promotion is step one.

We will be donating 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of the espresso blend "All We Need Is Love" to help sponsor housing, food and supplies for Ukrainian refugees, of whom are mostly mothers with children fleeing the war while their husbands, brothers and fathers stay to fight.

We ask our customers to please join us in this cause!

We believe that truth and love will triumph over lies and hatred. We hope that even these small steps will help people affected by the horrors of war.

From the whole team of La Bohème Café, we send the Ukrainian people our love, prayers and wishes of hope and strength during these extremely difficult times.

Tasting Notes

chocolate - cherry- lychee


  • Countries:Colombia, Guatemala, 2 Brazil
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Roasting profile: City+

Recommended preparation

  • Temperature: 92.5 C
  • Dose: 9 g Single, 17 g Double
  • Time: 28 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion