How our coffee is processed

Coffee processing begins when the coffee cherries are picked and ends in our roastery. Every small change in the whole process can affect the final taste of the coffee. It also depends on the specific farmer who grew it and differs depending on the country in which it originated. It is affected by rain, humidity, sun... Thanks to all of this, our coffees are full of variety and we can experiment with them. We believe that we can find coffee for everyone according to their taste.

The individual steps of coffee processing mainly include:
- time between picking coffee cherries
- removal of cherries from seeds (so-called pulping)
- the degree to which the cherry is deseeded (there are different degrees between the honey method and the natural method)
- time and type of fermentation
- type and temperature of drying
- time and conditions of maturity Parchment (peels)
- peeling Parchment and subsequent sorting of green coffee

Given how sensitive each step is, our presence on farms is extremely important to us. We want to be part of the entire process and thus ensure the 100% quality of our coffees.

Welcome to the world of coffee!

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