Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot 1 l

575 Kč

Do you want to try out cold brewed coffee? If so then the Hario Cold Brew Pot is what you need. Made of the highest quality, heat-proof glass "Mizudashi" has a capacity of 1000 ml which is enough for 5 cups.

How to Use the Hario Cold Brew Pot

Using the Hario Cold Brew Pot is easy - simply fill the filter cone with your favourite coffee, add room temperature spring water into the pot and stir the top grounds to let the coffee soak into the water fully. Once the coffee grounds are wet, store the Cold Brew Pot in the refrigerator and leave it for at least 8 hours. Then, take the mesh filter out and drain it.

We suggest using 60 g of coarsely ground coffee per 1 l for usual concentration, and 120 g per 1 l to prepare a concentrate.

The coffee concentrate will smell and taste fantastic. You can also enjoy a refreshing, full of flavour cold brewed coffee with ice.


no need to replace filters 
high-quality glassware 
easy to use and clean 
capacity: 1000 ml 

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