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Orange Pekoe (Ceylon & India) black tea

Although the name may be misleading, this is not an orange-flavored tea, nor is it related to this fruit in any way. Orange Pekoe by Harney and Sons is a classic, pleasant blend of bold Assam and subtle Ceylon. The term Orange Pekoe refers to a class of black tea based on the size of the leaf and its location on the tea plant. Orange Pekoe must be composed exclusively of new "flushes" or leaf buds plucked from the two youngest leaves.

Composition: A mixture of Assam and Ceylon black teas.

The package contains 50 pyramid bags.

Details: A blend of real black teas
Tea leaves: Small leaves with lime green color
Pickle color: Dark brown
Aroma: Dried citrus
Flavor: Sweet, delicate taste
Caffeine: Contains caffeine
Intensity: Medium
Time of preparation: 5 minutes
Optimum temperature: 100°C