Rhinowares Barista Towel Set

Introducing a set of Rhinowares tea towels designed specifically for the needs of professional baristas.

The set contains four cloths for different uses. The brown cloth is intended for cleaning the coffee machine and portafilters from coffee residues. It is equipped with a practical carabiner, which allows you to attach the towel to, for example, a belt on your trousers, and thanks to this you can always have it at hand.

The blue cloths are intended for cleaning the nozzles. When you finish whipping the milk, just wipe the nozzle and you're done. No sticky deposits, no unsightly streaks.

The black cloth has a universal use. You can use it to clean deposits from water or coffee, polish the coffee machine, but you can also use it to wipe the nozzle after brewing juice or wine or keep the area around the coffee machine clean.

The towels can be washed separately in the washing machine. However, remove the carabiner before washing and do not use fabric softener or fabric softener. The towels are also suitable for home use.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Coffee Cloth
  • 2 x Steam Wand Cloth
  • 1 x Multipurpose Cloth