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Very Berry Matcha green tea 50 pcs

Indulge in some fruity experimentation with our Very Berry Matcha. An excellent, innovative twist that will appease even the most traditional fans of Matcha tea. This blend is packed with the best of Bancha, delicious strawberry-raspberry flavors and dried goji berries. The result is a light, pleasantly refreshing Matcha full of antioxidants and sweet aromas.

For best results, infuse it for 3 minutes at 80ºC.

Ingredients: Bancha green tea, Matcha green tea, goji berries, natural strawberry aroma, natural raspberry aroma.

The package contains 50 pyramid bags.

Details: A blend of real Bancha and Matcha green teas with a fruity flavor
Tea leaves: Bancha tea leaves and large goji berries coated in Matcha powder
Pickle color: Yellow-green
Aroma: Sweet notes of strawberries and raspberries
Flavor: Bright and fruity
Caffeine: Contains caffeine
Intensity: Medium
Time of preparation: 3 minutes
Optimum temperature: 80°C