Alternative Coffee Brewing Methods

Although life has returned to our café and we are very happy about it, many of you may have discovered the magic of home-made coffee in recent months. In addition to brewing a great cup of coffee in our cafe, we also have an e-shop for you, where you will of course find the most important thing: great coffee, which we will grind you exactly as you need for a given drink, but also a lot of barista necessities, thanks to which you will conjure up unforgettable coffee experiences at home.

Domácí příprava kávy La Boheme Cafe

So the only thing you miss now is the right recipe! So our baristas have decided to share their know-how with you and put together recipes for the most common home-made coffee. Ok lets go!

In which recipe are you interested in?


V60 is Japan origin, final brew from V60 is crisply clear and full of delicate flavors.

How to make a coffee with a V60.

Příprava V60 La Boheme Cafe



Chemex is very nice and stylish. It is perfect when you need to prepare coffee for a bigger group of people, like your friends.

How to make a coffee with a Chemex

Chemex La Boheme Cafe



AeroPress is quite a new device for coffee preparation. It is light, foldable, and almost indestructible. Ideal for traveling.

How to make a coffee with an AeroPress.

Aeropress příprava La Boheme Cafe


French Press

French Press is one of the oldest and easiest methods of coffee preparation.

How to make a coffee with a French Press.

Příprava French Press La Boheme Cafe


Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a special alternative method of coffee preparation. All you need is coffee, cold water and time. The final beverage is with low acidity and very sweet.

How to make a Cold Brew coffee.

Cold Brew La Boheme Cafe 


Kalita is Japan origin, same as V60. Compare to the V60 the final beverage has more body but it is also a little less clean than V60.

How to make a coffee with a Kalita.

Kalita La Boheme Cafe


Moka konvička

Moka pot provides an opportunity to prepare coffee at home with espresso-like taste.

How to make a coffee with a Moka Pot.

Moka konvička La Boheme Cafe


Vacuum Pot

Vacuum Pot is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods. Quite technical, but amazing to watch. The brew is strong and heavy.

How to make a coffee with a Vacuum Pot.

Vacuum pot La Boheme Cafe