Alternative methods of preparing coffee

Although life has already returned to our cafe and we are extremely happy about it, many of you may have discovered the magic of home coffee preparation during the past months. In addition to conjuring up an excellent cup of coffee in the café, we also have an e-shop for you, where you can of course find the most important thing: great coffee, which we grind for you exactly as you need for the given drink, but also a lot of barista essentials , thanks to which conjure up unforgettable coffee experiences at home.

Homemade coffee preparation La Boheme Cafe

The only thing you need now is the right recipe! So our baristas decided to share their know-how with you and put together recipes for the most common homemade coffee preparations. Ok lets go!

What recipe are you interested in?


Let's start lightly, with probably the most common home coffee preparation. V60 comes from Japan, so you can enjoy a beautifully clear and sparkling drink.

How to make coffee using the V60.

Preparation of V60 La Boheme Cafe


The Chemex is a beautiful design device for preparing coffee at home, which will come in handy if you want to invite someone over for coffee.

How to make coffee in a Chemex.

Chemex La Boheme Cafe


AeroPress is a relatively new coffee maker. It is light, compact and almost unbreakable, making it ideal for travel.

How to prepare coffee in an Aeropress .

Aeropress preparation of La Boheme Cafe

French Press

Did you know that the French press is one of the oldest ways to prepare coffee? And also one of the easiest ever

How to make coffee in a French Press.

Preparation of French Press La Boheme Cafe

Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a coffee preparation method in which the coffee is slowly steeped in cold water for several hours. The resulting drink is characterized by low acidity and high sweetness.

How to prepare coffee like Cold Brew.

Cold Brew La Boheme Cafe


Kalita comes from Japan, it is quite similar to V60, but unlike V60, the resulting drink is fuller, although a little less pure in taste.

How to prepare coffee using Kalita.

The quality of La Boheme Cafe

Moka pot

If you don't allow yourself to have a proper espresso, a moka pot can be the ideal option for you to prepare coffee at home, which is the closest in taste to espresso.

How to make coffee in a Moka pot.

Moka pot La Boheme Cafe

Vacuum Pot

The Vacuum Pot looks a bit industrial and can create a completely magical experience from preparing coffee at home. Don't you believe? Try it out!

How to prepare coffee in a Vacuum Pot.

Vacuum pot La Boheme Cafe

Will you try one of our coffee preparations? Don't forget that we are happy to prepare anything for you in our cafe, and you can find all the accessories needed for perfect home coffee here in our e-shop.

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