Welcome to the world of La Bohème, where coffee is not just a drink that gives you a reason to get up in the morning but also a passion for which we travel the world. Today, we want to show you the long journey a fine coffee has to take before it reaches your table. So prepare your favourite coffee, sit back and join our coffee journey.

The taste of coffee

The roasting method plays a significant role in the taste of coffee. Getting the optimum flavour from single-origin coffee requires precise roasting, where the real art is to choose the right roasting profile to allow the coffee to release all its unique notes and aromas. At La Bohème, we strive to support each coffee's flavour profile as much as possible so that each coffee tastes great, but each tastes different. That's why we make it easy to tell Brazil from Ethiopia.

The search for quality

La Bohème's primary goal is to source quality coffee and build long-term partnerships with farmers worldwide. At the same time, we strive to educate our customers about the significant difference between coffee bought honestly, directly from the farmer, and cheap alternatives where the origin is unclear. Direct trade, or direct trade, means greater transparency, fair rewards for farmers, best practices and training, and funding that they can then put back into their farms to grow more quality coffee.

Direct Trade, the way forward

Your decision to support direct trade in the coffee industry has long-term implications. It helps farmers in the countries where coffee is grown to get a fairer share of the profits from selling their products. This way, we can work together to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for the coffee industry. So, as you enjoy your great cup of coffee, remember that you're not only toasting great taste but also a better future for farmers and the entire coffee community.