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Moka pot - homemade coffee preparation

If you don't allow yourself to have a proper espresso, a moka pot can be the ideal option for you to prepare coffee at home, which is the closest in taste to espresso.

You will need:

  • Moka teapot
  • Water at a temperature of 95°C
  • Finely ground coffee.
  • A bowl of cold water
  • Pour hot water up to the level of the safety valve into the bottom container of the moka pot
  • Insert the coffee filter and fill it up to the brim with ground coffee.
  • Then screw the top part of the kettle on and place it on a hot plate or other source of heat with the lid open.
  • Once the coffee begins to flow slowly into the upper container, count to 30 and immerse the moka pot in cold water to stop the extraction.
  • Enjoy coffee with a strong taste!

Don't forget about quality coffee .

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